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Nasscom 10K Startups

Morph.ai is a part of Nasscom 10,000 Startups India


Morph.ai is one of the 12 startups shortlisted for YES FINTECH Accelerator program. Read more about it on YourStory.

HOT 100 Startups

Awarded by the Hot 100 Technology Awards in Mumbai

Top 10 Delhi Startups

Morph.ai featured as top 10 Delhi based startups to look out for in 2017

5 bot to try this week - VentureBeat

Morph.ai grabbed the top position in the 5 top bot to try this week.

Top AI startups - Analytics India Magazine

Featured as one of the top 10 startups that are leading the race of Artificial Intelligence in India.

Rez bot featured by Facebook

Morph.ai's Rez Bot featured as an ideal example of using web-views in bots by Facebook developer Mikhail Larionov

Startup Europe India Visit

Winners of the InstaOffice pitch roast, Morph.ai participated in the Startup Europe India visit meet-up.

PokmemonGo Bot – The right thing at the right time

Success story of the famous Pokemon Go bot created by Morph.ai. How an experiment was turned into a huge success.

Conversational Commerce or noise

Morph.ai featured in the NDTV Gadget360 blog talking about the state of Conversational Commerce

Conversational Services platform

Knowstartup blog featuring Morph.ai, A B2B platform to build conversational services.

About Morph.ai

Morph.ai is the most complete Bot suit for enterprises to build chatbots. Chatbots are automated bots that runs over messaging platforms like Facebook messenger, web chat etc and help enterprises automate customer support, sell products, generate leads and many more over chat.

We provide plug and play solution for companies to build powerful chatbots that can solve business use cases. Businesses can build and evolve the bots, manage their customers, send notifications, see analytics etc. on the platform. Plug and play templates are available for Customer Support, E-commerce, Marketing Campaigns, Lead generation, Bot Newsletters etc.

Bots can be deployed over messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, SMS, website livechat Skype etc.

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