Chatbots, the term started to gain it’s momentum in early 2016 after Facebook opened up APIs for it’s Messenger Platform. Since then businesses of all sizes are experimenting with chat automation. For example, Facebook messenger chatbots for Lead generation, e-commerce bots to increase sales, Utilities like Poncho, the weather app and sophisticated AI enabled chat experiences.

Even the chat widgets on websites have gone smart with automation and AI. For instance, they can now convert more visitors into contactable leads using the right context and quick response times. Similarly, lots of mobile apps have introduced chat based assistants for prompt support and better onboarding experiences.

The world of chatbots is crowded and you can find a chatbot for anything you can think of. However, there are few Enterprises as well as Small and Medium-sized business who have built some of the best chat based experiments and experiences. Let’s have a look at them.

Here we go 🎬

1. Next Insurance on-boarding chatbot

Next, for instance made it dead simple to signup users for its personal trainers’ insurance plans. With its Facebook Messenger chatbot, all the basic information from the user is collected directly through chat.

According to Next, It was all part of a process to make their signup process dramatically simplified and fast.

2. Lemonade Insurance in-app chatbot

Lemonade Insurance unified its in-app experience by introducing chat to onboard its newly signed up customers. Have a look at the video about how Chat and native UI works together to give users a seamless experience.

3. Trov in-app chatbot

Trov is a on-demand insurance for personal items such as electronic gadgets, home appliances, sports equipment, and musical instrument. They have an in-app chatbot which asks users questions regarding the incident for insurance claims. Eventually, this makes claims notification as easy as sending a few texts.

4. Insurify Evea – Insurance Aggregator

Insurify, an insurance aggregator which helps customers compare car insurance quotes from top companies launched virtual insurance agent Evea on Facebook Messenger.

5. GYANT – The Symptom Checker

Using artificial intelligence, GYANT looks into your symptoms and helps you figure out the best next steps on your road to feeling better. To make this more accessible they launched a chatbot on Facebook messenger which asks you some simple yes-no and multiple choice questions and provide you with relevant information about possible causes and what to do next.

6. Trim – Helping with your subscriptions

Trim analyzes your transaction history to show you all of your subscriptions and then helps you cancel anything you don’t want to keep paying for. And to do all of this at ease, they released a companion Facebook messenger chatbot.

7. HealthTap – Answers to your medical questions

Users can get medical questions answered either by checking against HealthTap’s massive database of knowledge or by submitting a question to one of their 100,000 doctors on call. All straight from their official chatbot on Facebook messenger.

8. Florence – The health assistant

Florence is your personal health assistant which helps you to keep track of your health and reminds you to take your pills on time.

9. HomeHawk – a Real Estate chatbot

HomeHawk connects you with top, pre-screened agents in your area for selling and buying homes. You can also browse through the list of professionals, agents, and leaders in your neighborhood to hit the right deal, all inside of Facebook Messenger.

10. FWCanada – Immigration Law Firm

FWCanada has successfully Summarised much of the relevant information and regulation published by the Canadian government and made it all available in one place to help people understand the ever-evolving Canadian immigration programs and regulations. Go ahead and try this chatbot for yourself and you’ll know how such simple use cases can really shite on a chat interface.

What can we learn from all of these bots?

In conclusion, chatbots can work very well in lots of use-cases like, getting more people to signup for your insurance just like Next insurance or easing out their onboarding experience on your app like Lemonade. Insurance industry is already using chatbots in lots of different use cases.

Chat automation / Chatbots can be implemented in just about every process of your business, With these 10 great examples above we can surely say one thing:

Start small with just one use-case and you will make the most out of it

So trying to build a chatbot which does anything and everything will eventually do nothing much for your business. Users get confused as the number of options increase which in turn decreases the value and likability of a chatbot.

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