WhatsApp is a messaging app that is dirt cheap, advertisement free, offers free international messaging, and has over 1.5 billion users across the globe. If that wasn’t enough for companies to make it part of their communications, at the outset of the Covid-19 lockdown, more and more companies seek to jump into the fray and explore the communication opportunities on one of the most used messaging apps. Here are some businesses which are WhatsApping –

1. Make My Trip – Notification Bot

While booking our tickets via Make My Trip we all have seen how the invoice details are sent to us via WhatsApp. Make My Trip(MMT) sends all the ticket details and updates to its customer via Whatsapp as that is more convenient than sending SMS to individual customers with the links to ticket updates. These types of messages are chargeable to the company but it increases customer satisfaction and thus brand loyalty as the customer finds it easier to receive multimedia notifications in the medium they use the most for socializing. MMT had deployed the chatbot since the mid of 2018 as a part of its aim to invest in emerging technologies.

WhatsApp MMT

Try MakeMyTrip on WhatsApp: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=917349389104&text=Hello!

2. Tata Sky

For the uninitiated, Tata Sky is a direct broadcast satellite television provider based out of India. Only as recently as mid-2019 did they add WhatsApp business for convenience to customers. Under this, their chatbot enables customers to check their balance, plan details, refill/ ‘top-up’ options. The chatbot may also be used for more specialized features such as adding or removing subscriptions to channels and for answering frequently asked questions.

Try Tata Sky on WhatsApp: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=9118002086633&text=Hello!

3. Gamescom

Here is how Gamescom’s Gamesbot helps its visitors to the world’s largest gaming fair, which is held annually, in the full preparation of their visiting arrangements like the description of the location, how to get there, purchasing of tickets, etc. Also, it answers all of their questions and provides important information on the site.

Try Gamescom on WhatsApp: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=4915792470097&text=Hello!

4. BMW – Workshop customer service with WhatsApp

BMW says their call request has been dropped by nearly 60% and making a presence on the WhatsApp platform has helped them with the rise in their recommendation rate to 90%. Besides customers can conveniently request the repair status of their vehicle and further information via WhatsApp.

5. BookMyShow

Ever since BookMyShow added WhatsApp to their mix of SMS and email notifications, they have never looked back and have steamrolled their way to success. Their model employs a basic send API – Receive API model, yet it has proven a big hit with its customers. With WhatsApp being utilized for customers that have an active as well as linked WhatsApp account to their numbers, and SMS notifications being sent to others, customers appreciate the mix and are impressed with the convenience that is provided.

6. Hellmann’s( FMCG)

Hellmann’s first got into the WhatsApp game in Brazil thanks to the fact that 79% of smartphones in South America used WhatsApp which potentially equated to 32 million people, showing the impact of a simple messaging app.

In order to engage their customers in a more memorable way, Hellmann’s created the ‘WhatsCook’ campaign. The basic concept was to end the dilemma of the campaign’s namesake everyday struggle of what to cook with ingredients that users had leftover in the fridge. The team collaborated with chefs that came up with variations of 500 dishes that could be cooked with Hellmann’s mayonnaise. The same chefs would guide users to create their own dishes based on the picture of leftover ingredients submitted by the users to the WhatsCook account on WhatsApp.

While various competitors were providing similar recipes on their respective social media platforms, this move by Hellmann’s was a risky endeavor that eventually paid off and took this concept to the next stage. Hellmann’s effectively used WhatsApp to create a more personalized approach to engage with and connect to their customers.

7. Groww (Online Investment Platform)

Investing platform Groww uses Whatsapp business to connect to its customers regarding its investment portfolio. Groww is successfully working across 800 cities with no subscription charges, transaction charges, or any other hidden charges and is 100% paperless. 

Once you buy a mutual fund or SIP, Groww instantly notifies you over Whatsapp with the details of your purchase. You can also track payments and expect regular updates over the WhatsApp biz account. You also receive a regular reminder of when your payment is due.

Groww has also launched a few marketing campaigns over the WhatsApp business app to increase financial literacy in India. In organized WhatsApp groups such as these, one may seek suggestions or answers regarding how to get started with the investments.

By building communities over WhatsApp, Groww is channelizing the power of WhatsApp to reach out to the young demographics aged between 23-28 who have started earning new money.

Try Groww on WhatsApp: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=918431909359&text=Hello!

8. Nykaa(e-commerce)

Nykaa has created a stronghold in the e-commerce industry by providing a one-stop solution to all your makeup and beauty needs. It has emerged as the largest beauty destination in India with over half a million happy customers.

With almost 850+ curated, well priced, and 100% genuine brands and 1 lakh products, Nykaa offers a comprehensive selection of makeup, skincare, haircare, fragrances, bath and body, luxury, and wellness products for women and men alike.

How does Nykaa interact and communicates with its millions of users daily? Using an automated Whatsapp Chatbot!

Try Groww on WhatsApp: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=919222201010&text=Hello!

9. ixigo (Ticket booking)

ixigo is an intelligent, AI-based travel app. With a user base of over 170 million travelers, ixigo provides you with coupon deals, personalized recommendations, dynamic marketing, airfare predictions, train delay information, PNR confirmation status, infrastructure cost optimization, business intelligence, and for providing fully-automated customer service over chat and voice. It rolled out a chatbot to manage questions over WhatsApp and send updates regarding your purchases.

The ChatBot, available on WhatsApp, helps with the concerned query of the customer instead of the previous option of filling up forms. This helps tremendously decrease the cost of conversion. Now, one does not need to visit the website to check the flight prices, you can WhatsApp and get the current details on the same.

Try ixigo on WhatsApp: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=911246682111&text=Hello!

10. OpenBank Spain

Openbank is Spain’s first 100% digital bank, synonymous with innovation, it has made amazing strides when it comes to connecting with its customers through WhatsApp! Since its inception, this project has revolutionized the concept of banking. It is relying heavily on artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to improve its services and interact with customers.

It features a WhatsApp customer service number where customers can not only chat with the bank, post queries, and get their issues rectified, but also make peer to peer payments with WhatsApp. Openbank quickly adapted and elevated the customer experience to retain and engage with them remotely through a WhatsApp bot.

WhatsApp (Business Process Automation) proved to be an added convenient means to offer round-the clock-banking support to the customers and reduce the load on their website and mobile appIn a test pilot done with 17000 customers, 99% of consumers found the service very useful and 98% said they would continue to use it. They also leverage data analytics tools and AI/ML-based models to predict customer response, buying behavior, and help in decision making.

11. Oppo (Ollie)

Ollie is among the first AI-powered chatbot available exclusively to be launched by a smartphone brand. Design to act as an interface between the company and consumers to answer frequently asked questions. The target is delightment of its customers by delivering phenomenal customer experience and services.

Try ixigo on WhatsApp: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=919871502777&text=Hello!

12. Future Generali( Reva)

Future Generali India Life Insurance is one of the Indian companies using WhatsApp quite aggressively. Apart from Reva the Chatbot, they have launched ‘WhatApp as Services’ to deliver real-time services to customers. The initiative is aimed to provide customers access to their policies and provide services over WhatsApp ranging from Aadhar/PAN document verification to policy sharing, policy renewal, document collection, premium alerts, and receive important updates.

Try Future Generali on WhatsApp: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=918108198633&text=Hello!

13. WHO – COVID-19 Information Bot

The World Health Organization(WHO) during the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has launched a WhatsApp chatbot with the aim to keep people safe from Coronavirus. According to WHO this bot has the potential to send information to nearly 2 billion people directly. This bot pushes notifications to people about the latest news and information on COVID-19 which includes details on the symptoms and how people can protect themselves in the situation. This service is available in Arabic, English, Hindi, Portuguese, French, Spanish, and Italian.

Try WHO bot on WhatsApp: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=41798931892&text=Hello!

14. Asian Paints

Asian paints is one of the leading housing paint brands. Recently it launched its WhatsApp chatbot. Now a house owner or builder can post queries on WhatsApp and answers from customer service reps.

Try Asian Paint bot on WhatsApp: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=919920990225&text=Hello!

15. Spencer’s Retail

Spencer’s launched its WhatsApp bot amidst coronavirus pandemic to enable its customers order grocery directly from WhatsApp. Using this bot you can place order for your groceries through an interactive chat window. You can also locate the nearest Spencer’s store to your house.

Try Spencer’s bot on WhatsApp: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=919007470000&text=Hello!

16. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Did you know that KLM is the first ever enterprise to use WhatsApp Business API. In fact, the pilot run of WhatsApp API was done with KLM. Now, WhatsApp bot is an integral part of customer experience.

Try KLM bot on WhatsApp:https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=31206490787&text=Hello!

17. 1 Gram Jewellery

1 Gram Jewellery is famous for bridal wedding collections like Necklaces, Ghanthan/Mangalsutra, Bangles, Earrings, Jhumki, Tode, Kada, Pendants & many more. They created a WhatsApp chatbot to interact with the users on a more personal level.

Try 1 Gram Jewellery on WhatsApp: http://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=919538682465&text=Hello!

18. Covid19 Supplies

Covid19 Supplies is a combined initiative of Vaish Industries & Somish Solutions Limited, based out of New Delhi. Vaish & Somish are sister concern companies and are bringing in their collective experience in the manufacturing & IT industry to fight against the Covid19 pandemic by providing healthcare supplies in bulk through WhatsApp.

Try Covid19 Supplies on WhatsApp: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=918448787543&text=Hello!

19. Dawaa Dost

Dawaa Dost is building India’s #1 Generic Medicine pharmacy chain with a vision to make affordable branded generic medicines available to all. Along with affordability, they are also bringing convenience of ordering medicine through WhatsApp.

Try Dawaa Dost on WhatsApp: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=918433808080&text=Hello!

20. Milaap – Social Crowdfunding

Milaap is an Indian crowdfunding platform that charities and individuals use to raise money for social causes, personal needs, emergency situations, and more. Milaap believes that the spontaneity of WhatsApp communications will make it the backbone of crowdfunding in India, and potentially in other markets.

Try Milaap on WhatsApp: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=919916174848&text=Hello!

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