Chat / Chatbots are everywhere. You can see them mostly in all different business functions, industries & use cases. They are also providing in out of the world results. In this post, we will be covering the top channels that should be a part of the marketing strategy for any business.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is the leading the race of chat marketing. They introduced chatbots Apr, 2016 and have been continuosly building on that.

Messaging Businesses is the New Normal

Facebook IQ: Digital Research and Insights

Now each month, people and businesses exchange 8 billion messages on Facebook Messenger with 4X growth, year over year. Over 1 billion people globally use Messenger each month. More than 300,000 bots have already been created on Facebook Messenger Platform. Learning from this Facebook has released many insights about messaging and how businesses are getting benefits.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot is:

  1. Using Facebook Messenger to interact with your customers
  2. Providing automated, instant & 24X& available chat responses to your customers.

The most important benefit of using Facebook Messenger is getting a direct channel to interact with your customers without collecting their phone numbers or emails. Also, facebook messages have a far better open rate as compared to SMS and emails.

Facebook Messenger Platform provides:

  1. Rich Messages: Carousal, Lists, Buttons, Attachments, Quick Replies, Persistent Menu
  2. Messenger Ads: Drive traffic to your Messenger experience with ads in Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger Inbox.
  3. Web Plugins: Button and Checkbox Plugins
  4. Customer Chat Plugin: Integrate your Messenger experience directly into your website.
  5. Webview: Which helps in providing any custom experience to user.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Demos

Gym: Lead Generation
Ads To Chat: SaaS
SMS to Chat Landing Page: FinTech (Angel Broking)
Social Comment to Chat: Consumer Products (Havells)
Ads To Chat: Real Estate (99 Acres)
Google Search To Chat: Banking (Yes Bank)
Link to Chat: Retail (InOrbit Mall)
Email to Chat: Banking (HSBC)


Providing chat solutions on the website can help you capture the most of your website visitors. A chat solution on your website can prompt your visitors to interact with them and provide a personalized experience to each visitor. There are multiple ways to use chat tools on the website:

  1. Livechat: Provide a livechat to your website. It can be Facebook chat, Native chat or Intelligent chat which provides user preferred chat channel.
  2. Buttons & Checkbox: Can be used to convert any CTA into a chat.
  3. Overlays: Can capture your traffic at different points using modals, bars, page takeovers, etc.
  4. Landing Page: Convert your landing page to a chat landing page.

Website Chatbot Demos

SMS To Website: Lead Generation (Angel Broking)


Whatsapp can help businesses provide customer support, deliver notifications, convert more leads. Whatsapp has 1.5 billion global users with 60 billion messages every day. WhatsApp is used in 180 countries and has over 40% market share, it is undoubtedly the true leader of messaging apps. Know more here.

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