Traditionally, chatbots were perceived as irrelevant and unwanted marketing vehicles for most users, given the impersonal nature of their approach and interaction with customers. However, the function of chatbots has evolved considerably in the recent years.

Chatbots now serve as a powerful means of not just engaging but also entertaining a large customer base in real-time

Recent developments in marketing automation have made massive-scale personalization possible through chat. Most companies now rely on chatbots to enable two-way conversations with a large consumer base, allowing greater engagement and consumer loyalty. Essentially, chatbots and chat marketing score over traditional marketing vehicles for the overall success of contemporary enterprises.

Moving Beyond Customer Engagement for Targeted Personalization

Successful marketing relies on the power of engagement with the brand. Chatbots make it possible to carry out engagement at advanced levels, moving beyond web communities, click rates, and commenting, and into real-time conversations personalized to the nature and behavior of consumers. Chatbots can be enabled with numerous algorithms for the analysis of the signs and language of users, to accurately predict user intent and behavior. In this way, chatbots can be programmed to direct conversations for marketing goal attainment.

Understanding Consumer behavior for Long-term Profitability

Chatbots act as an excellent means to streamline and expedite the sale of products and services. Chatbots can gauge customer interest and activity and make appropriate recommendations. Their availability round the clock helps serve customers better. Chatbots can be as comprehensive as the objective outlined by a business enterprise. They can function as useful vehicles to monitor the behavior of potential consumers, perform analysis and detect potential fallacies in the system. Chatbots enabled to record and learn from the answers provided by consumers in response to queries can be programmed to offer appropriate choices, in line with the tastes and preferences of consumers.

Enabling Payment Automation for Greater Customer Loyalty

Automated conversion is the primary benefit from chatbots, which companies are looking forward to, in and after 2017. Chatbots will utilize the premise of data and technology in a new light for marketers looking at addressing consumer needs in precise ways.

Chatbots can be enabled with comprehensive algorithms for qualifying prospects and forwarding appropriate information for the sales team to explore further and establish sustained consumer relationships. It is also possible to program chatbots to process payments on the fly, allowing transactions to be accomplished seamlessly with minimal manual intervention.

Sephora’s chatbot on Kik is a well-known example which furnished its users with appropriate beauty tips, style and makeup use based on a quiz administered to interested users. Chat marketing by Pizza Hut is another popular marketing strategy to make the most of their order system, by leveraging the power of social media.

Eventually, chatbots will help companies execute highly targeted campaigns for the best value of advertising money and long-term financial success.

In conclusion, chatbots are the definitive vehicle to enable customization and personalization for a range of marketing processes. In terms of marketing automation, chatbots will serve marketing in the form of creative technology choices for interacting with an ever-expanding consumer base. Eventually, chatbots will help companies execute highly targeted campaigns for the best value of advertising money and long-term financial success.

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