Chatbots is the best thing happened to Customer-Brand interactions.

In this article, we are covering all the different chatbot use cases and show you how the world is using chatbots. You might first like to refer to these related posts:

We will be covering following use cases:

Lead Generation

Gym Lead Generation
SaaS Lead Generation:
FinTech Lead Generation: Angel Broking
Consumer Products Lead Generation: Havells
Real Estate Lead Generation: 99 Acres
Banking Lead Generation: Yes Bank
Retail Lead Generation: InOrbit Mall
Banking Lead Generation: HSBC


Fan Engagement: Premier Badminton League
Durex: Personal Care
Entertainment: Youtube Subscription
Assistant: Personal Care
Fan Engagement: Soccer Club
Education: Online Courses
Entertainment: Movie Promotion


Banking Lead Reactivation


Any type of notification (Flight Updates, Ticket Updates, Shipping Updates, Product Notifications, Reminders, etc) which is sent on SMS can also be sent on Chat Application. Chat has a huge benefit over SMS.

Order & Transaction

E-commerce: Placing Orders
GMASA: Event Booking
Entertainment: Movie Tickets (BookMyShow)
Retail: InOrbit Mall

Education & Training

Sex Education: Durex
Nestlé: Food & Drinks
Coursera: Online Courses

Customer Support

FAQs: FinTech (HealthCareIL)
Query Resolution: Telecom

Ads To Chat

Real Estate: Facebook Ads To Chat (99acres)
Banking: Google Ads To Chat (Yes Bank)

SMS/Email To Chat

SMS to Chat: FinTech (Angel Broking)
Email to Chat: Banking (HSBC)

Social/Comment To Chat

Comment to Chat: Consumer Products (Havells)
Post to Chat: Retail (InOrbit Mall)

Website Visitors To Chat

There are multiple ways to capture website visitors and bring them on chat:

  • Using Livechat: Insurance Customer Support (HealthCareIL)
  • Using overlays and popups
  • Using Buttons & Checkboxes

Use short links to bring prospects from anywhere to chat using a click of a link.

Offline To Chat

Use QR codes or shortened links to onboard offline audience to chat.

InOrbit: Scan to avail deals

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