Google I/O is back! With a thunder. The open amphitheatre echoed with applauses as the keynote on Wednesday brought along a series of new announcements. Google shared details of latest devices, amazing updates and most importantly, its vision for the conversational world we are all stepping into.

Running apps without downloading them

Google has finally acknowledged that downloading and installing a new app every time you need a new service is a painful experience.

You have a small need, you have to download the app, install it and live with the burden on your phone until, one fine day you uninstall it because you didn’t use it anymore anyway.

Android Instant Apps are certainly cool and would undoubtedly be ground-breaking in the world of apps; and so are chatbots. Chatbots are instantly accessible and create no clutter whether you use them once in a while or everyday.

Another leap towards the world of Conversational Services

Though, getting rid of apps is not what this is about. What’s more important is making the consumer interactions more natural, more intuitive and more context sensitive. Conversational services will be a new alternative to apps. People will find new and more intuitive ways to interact with the businesses around them. Using a service would be more seamless than it has ever been. Allo gave us all a perfect glimpse of our conversational future. The demo effortlessly transitioned from a conversation about food to restaurant booking.

Also, conversations don’t need to be limited over chat applications; they can be with devices mounted on our refrigerators or with the small screen in our cars or with fancy hardware like Google Home. Innovating and inventing concepts which connect conversations to major parts of our daily lives will open up tremendous possibilities for the world.

How does it matter for followers of #chatbot !

The whole world is excited and so are we. For, as a company in the space of conversational commerce, such developments bring a sigh of relief. Giants stepping in the domain make it so much more easier for us to explain all of this to anyone and convince them of its utility. When Microsoft announced its Bot Framework, we smiled at how our ideas are in line with what Microsoft has demonstrated. When Facebook launched the Messenger Platform, our heart skipped a beat. The statements that Zuckerberg and David Marcus used were exactly the ones we had been writing in our pitches. Google showed some of its hidden powers yesterday, and we got goosebumps!

All these validations are not just giving us inspirations, but also making the world more receptive to the eminent change. The technical backbones that these platforms are providing to the developer community will bring about beautiful advancements in this space. Let us all eagerly wait to see how Google will open the doors of Allo and Google Assistant for the developer community.

The power of conversations is just beginning to show up. Couple that with the wonderful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning frameworks (opensourced by Google and many others), along with two spoonfuls of our ‘secret sauce’ and you get the awesomeness of