With an immense growth in the use of the internet, the world has changed from information scarcity to information abundance. The rise in the abundance of information readily available online has contributed to the emergence of self-directed buyers. Now marketers are focusing on being found and building strong, continuous relationship with buyers, instead of mass marketing. Gone are the days when companies started their relationship with customers with cold calls and email blasts.


Companies are constantly searching for potential customers that can benefit from their services. With the use of new online and social techniques you can attract and convert a stranger to your business and eventually get them to the path of buying. This is lead generation. But is it so easy? Let us see.

While surfing on the internet, a person might come across something interesting, that they might find useful. The person may give his information in exchange for the content. By this digital transaction, the person has become a lead.

Facing challenges

If lead generation were easy, you would find everyone doing it to increase their sales. But the fact is that firms face some challenges when it comes to lead generation. Issues relating to the quantity and quality of leads to the right type of content at the right time. Some of the key challenges faced by firms in lead generation are:

Finding the appropriate lead generation strategy:

The most challenging task faced by all firms is finding a strategy that fetches the trigger of good leads. Also the internal employees need to agree on which lead generation strategy to undertake.

Having enough people to generate leads:

The second problem faced by companies in case of lead generation is the whether they have enough or right set of people to help them with lead generation.

Measuring as well as documenting the process:

The next challenge is to decide on the machinery of documenting and measuring the success of lead generation.

Building the right infrastructure:

Firms need to build an appropriate infrastructure to handle queries on time and to manage potential leads.

Working mutually with key partners:

Another problem faced by firms is to work harmoniously with partners, stakeholders and other important alliances to get successful leads.

Backing activities are leading to lead generation:

A major problem is also financing the activities involved in the lead generation process.

The biggest key to success for any business is the generation of new sales leads. Thanks to social media and digital marketing, you can find people who fit the criteria for a potential sale within seconds.
Though challenges are many, firms need to face them to be rewarded with revenue, profits and long term customers.