You have been waiting patiently for your food and you see the waiter bring it down to you. You are starving, and the sight of the hot food delights your senses. You take up the knife and fork and ready yourself for your mac and cheese.aatharva-lele-210748-unsplash.jpg

As you stick your fork into a bunch of pasta and are just about to eat it when Buzz! The phone starts ringing. At the other end is a telemarketer trying to offer deals on car insurance that you haven’t asked for. Yes, you know what we are talking about! And this is exactly why you are here right now. Trying to avoid being such an annoyance to anyone trying to enjoy their mac and cheese, while generating leads.

What Are Leads Anyway?

Okay so if you are here in the case of pure boredom, let me start with the basics; a lead is a person or an organization that shows interest in your company’s product or services in any form.
What it means is that a person may have taken a 2-minute online survey about car insurance for instance. Let’s assume your company hosted the survey on their website and, as a result, has details of the choices of that individual.
The person showed interest in car insurance when they took the survey. So if your company offers car insurance, then that person becomes a lead.

Why Am I Reading This Again?

It’s not the 90s anymore. You can’t just print out stacks of pamphlets, throw them out of the window and hope to get 100s of calls from potential clients. You are reading this cause it’s 2017 and for every single business out there are at least 50 others to compete with.

Lead generation has become a difficult but necessary step to success. So, without waiting any longer, here are the four techniques you will directly skip to anyway:-

  1. Generate Actual Interested Leads: While it can be tempting to purchase an email listing and just send out marketing content to a chunk of users, it does more bad than good.
    Mostly bad since it’s highly likely that over 90% of the users haven’t even heard of your company yet. More than that, some may just end up marking you as spam which in turn, hurts your IP reputation.
    You don’t want to do that; you want to grow your business. Hence, try to obtain data through surveys and feedbacks and build relationships with potential leads and then nurture them until they become a lead.
  2. Offer Valuable Content About Your Services: According to a survey of the most effective lead generation tactics among marketers, the least effective were email marketing and print marketing. While the company website remains among the best business tactics.
    When potential clients visit your website, you must remember no 2 of them are equal. Every one of them is at a different stage of the decision of opting for your product or services.
    Hence, you must make sure that you are not just constantly blasting “BUY NOW!” on their faces. That will never attract customers. Offer insights about your company instead. Include testimonials from past clients or reviews of your products.
    Include well-written write-ups about your company. Be open about your agenda, most people like honesty and hence being open about your company or products affairs can help you reel in leads.
  3. Use The Right Tools On Your Website And Blog: You may be a little skeptical about this one but if you are not using the right tools necessary to generate leads, you won’t.
    What we mean is, using the proper tools to collect, analyze and then act on data of the visitors on your website can greatly increase the chance of scoring lead. All you need to do is use the right tools.
    Tools like CTA templates, or Hotjar to form call-to-action buttons and links as well as obtain data about what the users want exactly through using visitor recordings, analysis of your forms, feedback forms and surveys etc. All of them help find lead opportunities for your company.
  4. Use Social Media: If we need to tell you how important social media has become in every business, you were either living under a rock or just starting out. Either way, get on the train fast. Social media is big, and I mean big.
    People spend more time on social media than their times in front of television screens. Almost every person using a smartphone nowadays is using some form of social media. Hence, it’s imperative to promote your product via social media.

Last we checked, people using smartphones were forecasted to a whopping 2.1 billion. That’s a lot of lead generation opportunities you are missing out on. And it isn’t hard to do. A simple link share to the landing page of previously successful pages for lead generation
And that’s all it takes. Implement these four techniques and watch your leads flow in!

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