Chatbots are the most effective way of personalizing marketing

🤖Chatbots are conversational automations, enabling a machine and a human to have a two-way interaction using text and media messages. For the past couple of years, chatbots have been designed to serve a variety of purposes. While the language understanding capacities of these bots have been limited, it has not stopped creative business people to find great utilities for conversational automation. Chatbots have seen adoption in all tiers of businesses with the simplest to the most complex implementations done and different levels. is one of the very first and world’s leading chatbot builder platform. We focus on Chatbots for Marketing and have developed a system tuned towards marrying marketing automation and conversational automation. We have designed our system with the goal of making marketing as personalized as sales. Given the challenges we discussed above, we created the system to achieve 3 things :

  • Create a conversation design system usable by marketers
  • Build a scalable system in sync with the marketing processes
  • Add personalization capabilities like never before

We have extended our super-flexible and powerful chatbot builder tool to bring it in sync with the marketing processes of campaigns, lead generation, qualification, lead scoring, funnel optimization, lead query resolution etc.

To achieve the required personalization capabilities, we have created our machine learning engine MARK - the chat marketing assistant. MARK manages each conversation like a real marketing assistant would. It checks each conversation and marks leads which look genuine and which do not. It schedules follow-ups prospects at a time that would suit the individual. It checks if the user is not willing to share some personal info and gives an option to skip for the time being. Many such little things give MARK the edge over regular marketing automations.

The Magic of MARK – The Chat Marketing Assistant

Imagine you are the marketing head of a growing SME. You get 20 hot leads every day and you personally talk to them. But to manage the follow-up cycle of this long list, you hire a personal assistant. He keeps an eye on each conversation you had and follows up with the prospect. He manages the time of follow-up for each individual looking at their profile and guessing when they are most likely to respond to the follow-up. He follows-up and schedules further calls on your behalf. His personalized approach makes life very easy for you. So all you can now do is get on the call at the right time and take them to conversion.

A great assistant you have there! But what would happen when the next day you get 50 leads and a 100 on the next day, maybe a 1000 in a day? Even if you hire more such assistants, humans simply can’t scale at such a level of personalization. This is where MARK takes the baton.

MARK is a chat based personalization engine that acts like your assistant, but a trillion times faster.

MARKs unique follow-up approaches take care of an individual’s priorities and personalize the time and content according to each prospect’s convenience. There many nuances that MARK handles in a conversation, like giving a `Skip` button to people not willing to fill in an information or an `unsubscribe` button for people not positive towards follow-ups or regular content. Fake lead detection is another useful task MARK does to tag people who supplied fake information while filling the form and even start of follow-up cycle with these people to furnish the correct details.

There are multiple such inputs MARK adds throughout the conversion cycle, to improve the journey of a lead. These subtle personalizations engage users in a unique way that drive them towards conversion.

Why Personalization❓

Personalization has been always been one of the top needs for marketers. However, they have never been able to do scalable personalization in a lead generation funnel as we have discussed in a separate article on lead generation chatbots.

State of Personalization Report – 2017 by Segment states that just 78% of shoppers are not satisfied with the level of personalization they currently receive. And more interestingly, a Salesforce report suggests that 52% users are willing to share personal data to get product recommendations. The channel of chat is in a unique position to serve this need of the market.

Moreover, chat on a social channel like Facebook or WhatsApp is a highly personal space for an individual and if businesses are intruding in those spaces, they better do it right. You can’t just follow the same process or tools from the “email generation” to engage with people on chat. A spammy email may get ignored due to the smart filtering by the modern inboxes, but an unwelcome message on WhatsApp would not be tolerated. But there is a right way to do it. Just like your assistant would, the tool needs to be aware of the customer and what would be a good time to follow-up with the particular person. If you can manage to chat with a person without bothering him like a typical automation, you can win the game here.

Why Personalization is required for chatbots?

  • People want it.
  • Don’t dare spam on chat.
  • Convert unlike ever before.


Interested in some secrets?

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