We are back with all the things we have added/fixed last month. Hope you guys like these features. For any suggestion or feedback please drop us a message here. Check out past month releases here.

New Features

1. Analytics

We have launched a brand new analytics dashboard to find deep and meaningful insights from the conversations between your bot and customers. Know More.

2. Audience – Bulk Actions, Static Segments, OR conditions

Added a lot of new features to audience screen to help you manage your audience better. Know More

  • Bulk Actions: Take actions on multiple users at once to save time.
  • Static Segments: Creates customer segments by manually adding specific users.
  • OR Conditions: Filtering audience has become more powerful with support of OR clause.

3. Campaign Templates

Create your bot with in minutes by importing pre-created templates. Know More

Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • #156: Dummy username getting rendered in messages
  • #132: Unable to load older messages
  • #131: Sync all uses in Zoho CRM
  • #120: Phone number is not getting updated in Zoho CRM

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