We are back with all the things we have added/fixed last month. Hope you guys like these features. For any suggestion or feedback please drop us a message here. Check out past month releases here.

New Features

1. Source: Comment To Bot

Now bring users who engage with you on social media to bot. Or instead of replying publicly to comments, send users a private reply in messenger.

2. Source: Landing Page

Create high-converting custom landing pages automatically without writing code. Know more.

3. Extension: CRM Integration

Integrate with any CRM to sync you bot leads with CRM in real time. We support following CRMs –

HubSpot ,Pipedrive ,Salesforce ,Infusionsoft by Keap ,Zoho CRM ,Agile CRM ,Insightly ,Streak ,LionDesk ,Copper ,amoCRM ,Close ,Freshsales ,Highrise ,Contactually ,Redtail CRM ,Kunversion+ ,Zendesk Sell ,Wealthbox CRM ,Capsule CRM ,SugarCRM 6.2-5 ,Daylite ,Salesflare ,Nutshell ,MOCO ,Nimble ,ConnectWise Manage ,noCRM.io ,PipelineDeals ,OnePageCRM ,Agendor ,Hatchbuck ,Thryv ,Vtiger CRM ,Bullhorn CRM ,Leadfeeder ,JobNimbus ,Act! Premium ,Microsoft Dynamics CRM ,Autotask ,GreenRope ,Moskit ,Salesmate ,WhatConverts ,Prospect.io ,Mercury Connect ,Sellsy ,Client Dispute Manager ,NetHunt CRM ,SalesforceIQ ,Solve CRM ,LeadSquared ,Bmby ,Spotio ,LeadOwl ,OpenERP ,SalesUp! ,Repsly ,KonnektiveCRM ,SugarCRM 7+ ,CompanyHub ,Teamleader ,PersistIQ ,NeonCRM ,Spiro ,Referral Rock ,Really Simple Systems CRM ,MyWiFi Networks ,NationBuilder Nexus ,Sellf ,ClientSuccess ,Visitor Queue ,Leadberry ,Workbooks CRM ,Attach ,Batchbook ,ProAgentWebsites.com ,AdviserLogic ,karmaCRM ,Pipeliner ,Agent 3000 ,Flexie CRM ,Salesmachine ,UPilot ,Totango ,SuperOffice CRM ,ClinchPad ,CRM Connector ,essensys Operate ,Sellead ,SalesTarget ,TeamWave ,Powrbot ,ForceManager ,OneLocal ReferralMagic ,Fastbase ,Spark Membership ,NetSuite ,Odoo ,Magnetic ,Maximizer (UK) ,Teamgate ,Maximizer (Canada) ,webCRM ,OpenCRM ,Upsales ,FreeAgent CRM ,Gong ,Alore CRM ,Simplicate ,TRIBUS CRM ,Hover Lead ,Jarja Media ,Wix Automations ,ProPet ,OneLocal ContactHub ,Cloze ,Automational ,Agendize ,EASI'R ,Surefire CRM ,Lead Closer ,Affinity ,PulseM ,Wintouch 7 ,1CRM ,Bappo ,Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM ,Linkseller ,Gro CRM ,ConvergeHub ,LeadExpress ,Tubular ,Real Estate Webmasters ,Revamp CRM ,RevBoss ,Pobuca Connect ,TeamGram ,LeadFlip ,Mirabel's Marketing Manager ,SeoToaster ,AppsForOps Timeline ,Clevertim CRM ,Salpo CRM

4. Extension: Web-view

Want to show options to users on chat or want to take multi-select input, use web-view extension to create a webview automatically without writing any custom code.

5. Audience v2

We have revamped audience to add support for custom views, saved filters, custom columns, import, export, scheduled export All this with a new look and feel. Know more.

6. Announce v2

We have revamped announce to make sending broadcast more easy and efficient.

7. Platform Redesign

We have redesigned the complete platform to make it easier and more organised.


  1. Custom code should end gracefully: Adds a property to store custom code status.
  2. Button/QR Drag Drop: Adds support for re-organising buttons/qr via dragging and dropping.
  3. [127] Need a way to unsubscribe a user from all the nurturing workflows
  4. [148] Need lat long from location
  5. [153] Need a dynamic filter for selecting users created in last 2 months
  6. [159] Last User Message in branching
  7. [160] User input ‘Other File’
  8. [161] Property passing on Jump
  9. [162] Can block paste be available in Message Templates and Error Messages
  10. [166] Campaign Switch capability
  11. [168] Can’t enter newline in Set Property value input box. Required for String types.
  12. [175] Property use not allowed in date math
  13. [178] Should be able to make any property empty in Audience
  14. [180] How can we use Referral in branching condition.
  15. [185] 20 MB limit on media type message

Bug Fixes

  1. [128] Gender is not accurate in audience section
  2. [129] Referral stats not updating for Facebook Customer chat ref users
  3. [130] Referral value is not setting for a customer when opening bot through ref url
  4. [137] down arrow not Woking
  5. [139] Issue in Audience section HealthCareIL
  6. [145] forgot password cases sensitive
  7. [149] String properties append is not working.
  8. [154] Issue faced in Export – Error message
  9. [158] Not able to update any property for any user in ‘Audience Section’
  10. [163] Cover image button hidden
  11. [169] Copied blocks are connected to each other
  12. [172] Location property is not available in branch
  13. [173] Workflow triggering again for same user
  14. [174] Given syntax not working for Date/Time type property
  15. [176] Branch can not be created at the start of conversation
  16. [182] ClickUrl: Url validation
  17. [188] Analytics numbers mismatch
  18. [189] Ref not working
  19. [191] Conversation not updating upfront on updating ref
  20. [194] Unable to open customer chat
  21. [195] Need Current Message in Set Property RHS
  22. [196] Unable to understand why conversation triggered
  23. [197] Workflow segment and goal criteria are not visible
  24. [203] Adding users to static segment did not work
  25. [204] Restart Conversation is not getting triggered when assigned to bot
  26. [205] Property Screen Pagination is breaking
  27. [209] Load More button in audience not visible
  28. [215] Unable to add value in filter
  29. [233] Not able to copy a branch block. All other blocks are working fine
  30. [255] ‘Last Message text’, ‘Last Message’ properties not available in Set Property Module
  31. [263] Button not clickable – of create your message