We are back with all the things we have added/fixed last month. Hope you guys like these features. For any suggestion or feedback please drop us a message here. Check out past month releases here.

New Features

1. WhatsApp Integration

Now you can create WhatsApp bot using Morph.ai’s platform.

2. WhatsApp Acquisition Widgets

We have support for multiple type of widgets to bring users to WhatsApp:

WhatsApp Website Chat
WhatsApp Button
WhatsApp Opt-in

WhatsApp Referrals

3. Send Message V2

We have revamped Send Message module to make it more easy and organised.

4. WhatsApp APIs

We have also released WhatsApp APIs for any custom integration or WhatsApp template messages. Read API documentation to know more.

5. Converse V2

We have revamped Converse to make it more easy and understandable. Also, we have added support for WhatsApp.

6. Message Analytics

We have added support for message level analytics. Now you can analyze read and reply rates for any message.


  1. Product Slowness: We have made a lot of optimisations to make the platform lightening fast.
  2. [177] Persistent Menu – Need to add Menu Item in between two existing items.
  3. [221] Message template pick in create message, issues
  4. [259] Multiple message Matching in Branching
  5. [266] Widget CRM – Suggestions
  6. [277] Context MOSL – Announcement Sent twice – Can we please check the reason for this.
  7. [279] The option to Save a conversation should not be present until complete conversation is loaded.
  8. [280] “Allow user to type any thing” and “User Message Validation” seem to conflict

Bug Fixes

  1. [133] Unable to re-add page whose access token has expired
  2. [152] Gender help in branch, set property
  3. [253] Conversations are empty
  4. [271] Not able to login
  5. [190] Unable to understand ref in customer chat
  6. [193] Ref click not working, also not showing on Audience UI
  7. [212] Ref not showing on the audience screen
  8. [213] Button analytics
  9. [224] Edit error message button not working for ‘Allowed Free Text’
  10. [234] Facing issues related to analysis button
  11. [237] Timezone should not set to GMT by default
  12. [238] Refreshing data of old profiles
  13. [240] Just want to check the feasibility of a Last Message Read/Last Message Read time
  14. [242] URL format issue
  15. [245] Error on creating Checkbox widget
  16. [246] Landing page widget not loading
  17. [256] UI Widgets Issue, not able to save Persistent menu changes
  18. [260] Multiple issues – Unable to make changes in Hybrid Chat – Getting an error (added in description)
  19. [261] Not receiving mancity announcements
  20. [264] Facing issues while selecting a segment
  21. [265] Not able to log in
  22. [268] Urgent! Context Angel Broking – Error in showing Facebook Phone number
  23. [269] issues related to download the customer export report
  24. [270] issues related to select the page
  25. [272] Token for my account has expired, not able to re add my account.
  26. [273] Healthcareil – QR with FAQ conversation not working
  27. [278] Announcement Issue
  28. [282] Not able to download export data
  29. [284] Dashboard for clients
  30. [219] Typing indicator
  31. [220] Allow multiple values and select option in branching
  32. [222] Escape key functionality
  33. [226] Ease of navigation for cross conversation
  34. [231] Website Plugins for Web Chat
  35. [235] Message Analytics
  36. [250] Add button support in first message of widgets
  37. [223] ‘Brand Page’ filter not working in Morph account
  38. [230] QR click is not recorded in Last Message Text
  39. [232] Web Chat not working on explorer
  40. [244] Mancity – Disparity in Total users count
  41. [247] Urgent : Link buttons not working
  42. [249] Email Verification Issue
  43. [257] In Website Widget- when ever I make a change in any of the settings and save, the selected widget gets disappeared.
  44. [274] Load more button not working in FAQ tab
  45. [285] Button analytics numbers – Can we remove the percentage values for the user Email and Phone Number Buttons?