It will help you win gym battles and hunt ’em all

Pokemon Go Bot

Well! It seems everyone is head over heels for “ Pokémon Go”, a free-to-play location-based augmented reality mobile game. From office desks to bathrooms to really creepy PokéStops, people are hunting down for these exotic pocket monsters like a real treasure hunt.


Released on 6th July, 2016, this game has garnered more users than Tinder and is pacing up towards Twitter in terms of daily active users on Android.


You might already be familiar with the Pokémon Go game by now and if you are not, then read it all here. You need to travel around the real world, while this game uses your GPS and clock to detect your location and decide which Pokémon will appear where.

The player aka ‘trainer’ travels around to catch Pokémons and the goal is to “catch’em all”.

There are gyms, where you can fight gym leaders and become one as well.

What is PokemonGo Bot and why you need one?

PokemonGo Bot

Are you starting a battle in the gym for the first time and you need some advice whom to fight against that strong opponent Pokémon?

Or you need some general ideas regarding the types of Pokémons to fight against Balbasaur?

Or what type is Pikachu?

Or you want to know some particular type of Pokémons like poison type, electric type or water type?

PokemonGo Bot, an AI based chatbot is here, which will answer all your queries and help you beat your opponents in all the difficult gym battles.

How to access this bot?

It’s really simple. Just reach out to Facebook Messenger here and start asking.

The bot is currently in beta phase and we will be adding more cool features like giving locations of spotted Pokémon based on the response we receive on this.

Let’s be a part of this #PokeMania and celebrate the love for Pokémons with PokémonGo Bot!

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