A company is not just its founders, employees, customers, and revenues… it’s friends who are always on our side, families who support and help us taking risks and countless other things which don’t get our attention.

We recently completed 2 years and moved into a shiny new office ✨

To celebrate our accomplishments, this Sunday, we did something special. It was fun, it was amazing and it was very important. Something most of us forget to do.

We thanked!

We as founders always wanted to foster a culture of gratitude and appreciation in our company, and what would be better than celebrating ‘Gratitude Day‘, inviting our parents, family, and friends to thank them for helping us this far in the startup journey for the last 2 years.

This big get together helped us talk to our parents, bringing them all under one roof to discuss what we have been up to. The pride in their eyes and the grin on their faces was a sight to cherish for years to come.

As founders, we care about the company and brainstorm on the well-being of the team. But we often skip our families of these thoughts. We chose not to do that and it turned out to be a set of wonderful memories for all of us.

Morph.ai founders Niyati Agarwal, Pratik Jain, Vipul Garg, and Abhishek Gupta from left to right
Morph.ai founders Niyati Agarwal, Pratik Jain, Vipul Garg, and Abhishek Gupta (left to right)

It doesn’t stop with a one-day event, We aim to bring gratitude in our day-to-day lives and we are constantly working towards a healthy work environment where every individual, their family, and friends are cherished and appreciated. We want to build a company which is more humane, a company which is not just chasing numbers but also a good quality of life for its customers, its employees, their families and more.


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