Chat / Chatbots / Chat Marketing / Conversational Marketing / Messenger Marketing – all these words refer to the same phenomenon i.e. using automated chat for different needs of business-customer interactions.

In business, relationships are everything. And every relationship starts with a conversation.

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The most simple and easiest definition is – Chat Marketing is using chat for brand-customer communications.

First of all, though the phrase Chat Marketing contains “marketing” in its name that doesn’t mean its only suitable for marketing. Chat can be used for brand-customer communications for either:

  1. Marketing: Communicate to spread Awareness by Educating customers which results in Customer Acquisition.
  2. Sales: Communicating to understand customer requirements & questions to convert and onboard them.
  3. Service / Support: Communications related to customer inquiry and issues to Help them.

Ok got it, but why it’s so special? Here comes a more accurate definition

Chat Marketing is using real-time conversations with your customers to provide a more personalized experience. It builds direct one-to-one relationships between brand and buyers.

This guide will help you understand everything about Chat Marketing.

Why Chat? Benefits of Chat?

Chat is everywhere. Chat has already surpassed social networks in terms of active users. Chat has a lot of benefits which make it the most suitable channel for interactions.

1. Be Where Users Are

Your users are already using messaging apps. The great advantage of chat compared to other means, such as social network, is that the users are spending most of their time online on messenger applications. They spend 91% of their online time on messaging. Below are some proofs.

2. Early Adopters – Less Noise

  • Currently, it’s really easy to get good results on new chat platforms like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Line, Telegram, etc.
  • Up to 85% of all customer-business interactions will take place without a human intermediary by 2020.
  • Facebook Messenger already has more than 300,000 bots until Mid 2018. While 300,000 chatbots sound like a lot, it actually equates to less than 1 percent of businesses on Facebook taking advantage of the technology

3. Out Of The World Open Rates & CTR

Chatbots results in upto 70-98% open rates and 30-55% CTR.

This is huge compared to other marketing channels. According to the 2016 E-mail Marketing Study, the world average open rate of emails was 21.8%. It looks like brands are failing to attract the attention of most of their users through this medium.

In simpler terms, even a poorly made Chatbot can give 2x – 5x benefits compared to other channels like Emails.

4. Personalized Experience

State of Personalization Report – 2017 states that just 78% of shoppers are not satisfied with the level of personalization they currently receive.

Chatbots are designed to provide customers with a conversational environment. This means chatbots can make your marketing as personalized as one-to-one sales.

Chatbots are the most effective way of personalized marketing.
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5. Solution To Top Inefficiencies Of Marketing

The top 3 reasons limiting marketers to get more & more ROI are: Drop-Offs, Lead Quality, Engagement Rate. Chatbots can help solve these:

  • Chatbots always has higher Lead Contact-ability (up to 130-600% higher) than other communication channels. Mostly because of two-way conversations and benefit of social profiles.
  • Chatbots improves Lead Authenticity by 120-300%. Which in-turn improves Lead Quality.
  • Chatbots are proactive and dynamic. They can keep the conversation interesting and relevant for the customers. This results in up to 150-800% higher engagement rates.

Find the complete list of chat benefits with more details here.

What is the need for bots/chatbots? Benefits of chatbots?

As chat gives great results, brand would want to provide chat to every visitor coming to their website or application. But scaling that many chat requests using human agents is not possible. So chatbots are to the rescue.

But are they good enough?

The answer is yes and here is the explanation:

  • Logical Explanation: All the brand-consumer interactions follow the 80/20 rule i.e. 80% of the queries are top 20% questions. In simpler terms, it means most of the things are repetitive. Which ensures a nicely trained system would result in expected experience.
  • Statistical Explanation: Users don’t have to wait for humans to reply and can get answers instantly. 69% of consumers prefer chatbots for quick communication with brands according to this.

We have deployed many chatbots with different brands in the last 3 years and each one of them got 3x-5x better results compared to traditional alternatives. You can find related case-studies here.

So simply said – Chatbot works!!. There is no Chat Marketing without chatbots. It’s not the only scale, chatbots also have many other benefits.

Chatbot Benefits

  • 51% of people say a business should be available 24/7 and Chatbots are 24/7 available
  • According to industry research, Chatbots are predicted to deal with 90% of all clients inquiries within 5 years. Chatbots are the most cost-effective solution to brand-buyer interactions.
  • Research shows that responding to a new lead within five minutes of when they first reach out is crucial. Chatbots provide instant response to customer queries which results in the customer not leaving your website, hence increasing conversions.
  • A chatbot can replace IVRs with less IVR-induced frustration. Customers feel like their voice is being heard and understood.
  • And many more. Find all the benefits with detailed stats here.

What are different ways to use it?

Please refer to any of the guide below to understand how you can start using chatbots.

How you should strategize?

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