Customer Support

Automate Customer Support for your Business

Your AI powered chatbot that responds to your customers instantly, works 24x7 & learns every day dashboard Converse chat screen

We got you covered

Supported channels for customer support solution

Be available everywhere

  • Serve your customers on Website, Mobile apps or Social Channels like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, WeChat, Line and many more. dashboard Converse chat screen

Communicate better with rich conversations

  • Cards, Carousel, Lists, Receipts, Buttons, Quick replies and many more types of rich messages for a perfect conversation with your customers. integrations

Integrates with your current CRMs and support solutions

  • Connect with your existing CRMs or support tools to bring the best out of your support bot without loosing your data.
  • Integrations like Salesforce, Smooch, Zendesk, Hubspot and more coming soon.
  • Rich API and Webhooks for your custom implementations.

Works with all types of businesses

Automate your customer support now