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Create a chatbot for your event in minutes without coding

Sell tickets, increase audience and give your attendees a personal assistant to know all about your event

Image with a snapshot of sample chat with event bot and graphics of all the cues like tickets, map, keynote update, merchandise selling and social hints

A chatbot to help you and your attendees from start to end

From booking tickets to the after party, event chatbot can give a personalized experience to your users at every stage of your event and help you gain more traction for your Concert, DJ night, Seminar, Exhibition, College Fest etc.
Image to show event attendees increase with the use of social media

Increase your event attendees

  • Reach more audience across social media through the chatbot.
  • Sell tickets directly from bot to give a simple and unified user experience.
  • Send offers specific to the users straight to their inbox.
Image to show ticket selling, merchandise and monetizing bot

Sell more. Earn more

  • Sell event merchandise from the bot itself with ecommerce integrations.
  • Provide sponsored bot space to advertisers and partners.
  • Sell more tickets with powerful social sharing bot tools.
Image showing engagement of users with bot by automating common questions and sending customized scheduled updates

Engage with your attendees

  • Segment and target attendees based on their preferences and interests.
  • Schedule messages before hand to give the right info at the right time.
  • Handle the most common questions automatically by teaching them to the bot.
  • Send live updates about the event as they happen.
Image to show survey, polls, maps and itinerary through bot

Improve attendee event experience

  • Give directions and hotel suggestions to the visitors.
  • Provide customized and detailed event itinerary to every attendee.
  • Give floor plans and reminders about workshops and keynotes while event.
  • Run surveys and polls to gather info while a talk or gathering.

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