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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is global leader in chat based Marketing, Sales and Support automation. It is suited for business of all scales from Small & Medium Scale Businesses to Enterprises.

Who can uses

We have worked with over 22 enterprises and 50 SMEs over 5 geographies, including Manchester City Football Club, Motilal Oswal, YesBank, ICICI.

What is Chat Marketing / Personalized Marketing?

Chat Marketing is term coined to refer using chat as a channel to do marketing activities. It often happens that users with the right intent and qualification get dropped out because their individual needs could not meet the process structure 😓.
But with chat, it is possible to make marketing as perosnalized as one-on-one sales. Know more about personalisation here and here.

Why should I use Chat Marketing?

Wether you are looking for an new lead generation channel or an engaging experience for your customers on your website and social, chat can be an effective channel.
Besides lead generation, chat can be used for customer service queries, offline hours handling, apoinment bookings, sending newsletters to your audience and many other ways of personlised one-on-one communication.

Who should be concerend about making a Chat strategy fo their business?

Any one who is responsible to manage customer engagement and experience like:

Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Digital Officers, Chief Marketing Technologists, Chief Marketing Technology Officers, Chief Strategy Officers, Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Experience Officers, Chief Customer Officers, VP/Director Marketing, VP/Director Technology, VP/Director Digital Marketing, VP/Director Digital Strategy, VP/Director Customer Intelligence, VP/Director Marketing Technology, VP/Director Marketing Innovation, VP/Director Marketing Operations, VP/Director Marketing Analytics, VP/Director Demand Generation, VP/Director Growth, VP/Director Product Marketing, VP/Director CRM, VP/Director E-commerce.

How should my business experiment with chat?

Book a consultion session with us. We will help you create a strategy to start leveraging chat for your business. One of our Chat Expert will get on a call with you to create a custom strategy plan for your business. It's free of cost.

How old is was founded on 1st March, 2016.

Which brands should use chat?

Any of the following businesses should start leveraging chat:

Insurance, Generic Insurance, Car Insurance, Life Insurance, Dental Insurance, Health Insurance, Independent Insurance Agents, Personal Insurance, Annuities , Home Insurance, Rental Insurance, Business Insurance

Health & Beauty, Gyms, Fitness Centres, Personal Trainers, Weight loss specialists, Dieticians, Spa, Day spas, Hair salons, Nail salons, Dental Clinics, Massage Therapists, Tanning, Chiropractors, Cosmetic Surgery, Dermatologists

Real Estate & Mortgage, Realtors, Home Inspectors, Home Appraisers, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Investors, Foreclosure, Short Sale Movers

Legal, Lawyers, Divorce, Lawyers, Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, Estate Planning, Business Formation

Automotive, Auto dealers, Motorcycle dealers, Auto Financing, Auto Repair, Car Rental, Window Tinting, Car/Auto Dealerships

Events, Florists, Catering, Photography/Videography, Disc Jockeys, Weddings, Limousine, Personal Chefs

Education, Private schools, Technical training centers, Vocational training, Travel, Travel Agents, Small non chain hotels Resorts, Timeshares Tour, Travel planners, Hotel, Resorts

Construction/Home Services, Air Conditioning/Heating, Handyman, Heating And Cooling, Housekeeping/Maid Services, Painters, Plumbers, Bathroom Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling, General Contractors, Pest Control, Carpet Cleaning, Decks & Porches, Pools & Spas, Roofing, Fencing, Landscaping, Siding, Flooring, Locksmiths, Glass repair, Security Systems, Interior Designers, Home Theater Services

Finanacial Service, Banking Services, Investment Brokers, Credit Cards, Stock information

News Service, Retail, Clothing, Merchandise, Art galleries & Auction, Cake shops, Luxury Goods, Jewelry, Tattoo Shops, Accounting Services, Dating(Match making), Dog Grooming, Life choaching, Landscaping, Photography, Child Care, Veterinarians, Senior Case/ Assisted Living

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