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Frequently Asked Questions

Who all can use Morph.ai?

Morph.ai is apt for businesses and brands of all sizes that provide online services to their customers. Most services can be modelled in conversational forms to provide a better, more flexible and personalised experience to the end user. Leave it on us to figure it all out for you; but that doesn't mean you loose control. Using our platform, you can customize and mold the conversational app as per your need and understanding.

We are also looking forward to integrate with completely offline businesses. If you run an offline business, get in touch and we can figure the way through this together.

Why should I use Morph.ai?

Your customers love messaging. They chat all day, all time. People from all regions, all economic conditions, all age groups; everyone loves chatting. They chat over a variety of apps depending on the time and place they are at. shows how messaging has surpassed social networks by far and has become the single most technology that has changed the world like never before.

Your customers are on the platforms they love, but your services are not. They have to be pulled out of their comfort zone to use the apps to avail the services businesses provide. That can never be the right thing to do, the right thing has always been 'be where your customers are'.

Conversational commerce has made it's way into the world, there is no escaping it. If you are not already looking at making a conversational service for your business, you are missing out on the next big thing. Morph.ai provides state of the art technology and an experienced team to help you become the early leaders in the conversational world.

Is Morph.ai another live chat software?

Nope, it is not a live-chat software at all. Morph is a platform that helps connect all the interfaces where customers interact with the business to the backend infrastructure of the business. Live-chat is one of the platforms using which the customers talk to the business. Morph enables smart conversational transactions over the live-chat software that the business uses.

However, Morph.ai also provides live-chat plugins for your website and app, in case you don't use any yet.

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