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AI powered chatbot for YouTubers & Bloggers

All-in-one AI powered assistant to Interact, Engage and Market to millions of fans and followers

Snapshot of Blogger's chatbot and YouTubers chat images

ChatBot for Blog & YouTube channel is all you need to engage and increase views & visits exponentially.

From publishing regular updates directly in messenger inbox to selling fan merchandise. Chatbot gives personalized feeds to your fans.
Image to show users across social media, conversation as personal feed such as selling merchandise based on gender, season and many more.

Reach out personally

  • Send messages to your fans in their messenger inbox.
  • Send updates and offers based on fan demographics.
  • Reach more audience across social media through the chatbot.
Image to show users across social media, merchandise selling and subscription

Send engaging content

  • Actionable content that can drive user engagement and makes your content cut through the noise.
  • Schedule messages and activate campaigns based on fan demographics.
  • Handle the most common questions automatically by easy training to the bot.
  • Engage user during match with surveys and polls.
Image to show selling ticket feature, ad space, sponsor space

Sell fan merchandise & publish sponsored content

  • Sell club merchandise from the bot itself with ecommerce integrations.
  • Provide sponsored bot space to advertisers and partners.
  • Sell more tickets with powerful social sharing bot tools.
Image to show analytics and matrices that make sense like : open rate, location, campaigns

Real time rich analytics

  • Powerful analytics to gain insights like never before, helps to take smart data driven decision.
  • Measure user metrics in real-time, view campaigns ,chatbot performance.
  • Detailed matrices to measure performance across platforms and multiple demographics.

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