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World's best chatbots for lead generation. lead generation chatbot is the best way to interact and engage with your prospects and generate more leads from your ads.

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Meet our best features to boost your lead generation campaigns.

A Perfect Chat Marketing Tool

  • A complete chat marketing tool which can easily fit into your current marketing ecosystem and run any lead generation campaign with just a few clicks.
  • Gives you all standard marketing tools like Mulitple Campaigns, Lead Acquisition Widgets, A/B Testing, Lead Lifecycle Management, Automated Follow-ups, Goal-Based Nurturing & Funnel Analytics so you start in a familiar way.
  • No installation required. One click installation with Facebook Messenger.
  • Our AI Engine continuously improves the intelligent chatbot and gives you valuable insights to get maximum out of your campaigns.

Powerful Bot Platform

  • A complete bot platform with all the tools to create rich, interactive and engaging chatbots. No coding required.
  • Create bot conversations supporting blocks like Rich Messages, Branching, Loops, JSON APIs, Custom Code, SMS, Email and many more.
  • Publish your chatbot on Facebook Messenger, Website and other chat platforms.
  • Understand user responses with built-in Natural Language Processing (NLP), answer FAQs and build custom experiences with customizable bot URLs.

Nurture your prospects into leads

  • With the support of powerful Nurturing Workflows built right into the platform, keep your prospects interested and convert more of them into high-quality leads.
  • Schedule and target content to specific segments of your chatbot audience with Rules, Timezone Based Scheduling, Dynamic Enrolment and Sequences.
  • Re-activate prospects with Instant follow-ups and bring them back through alternate channels with inbuilt Email & SMS follow-up support.

MARK, The Intelligent Marketing Assistant

  • To help you throughout your lead generation campaigns we have MARK, your marketing assistant. MARK intelligently creates personal experiences for every prospect with minimum effort from your side.
  • It keeps you updated on your campaign performance and suggest you changes based on experiments and data from A/B tests.
  • It helps you detect Fake Leads and improve your marketing KPIs by running Smart Follow-ups with your prospects.

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We at assist you to create the best chat marketing strategy with a powerful lead generation chatbot.
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