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3 Agent Seats*
Bot Building Tools
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Audience CRM
Nurturing Tools
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* More agent seats are available at an additional $50 per extra agent seat per month.
^ Overusage charges are $10 per 3k messages beyond the selected usage limit
- Pricing is subject to change, without prior notice, on sole discretion of
Need more?

Consultation Pack offers the consultation package so your understanding of your business meets our expertise of ChatBots. Our consultation pack includes the following:

  • Conversation Design
  • Platform Training
  • Bot Implementation and Launch
  • Performance Review & Growth Strategy

We follow a model of client-control where we intend to keep the control of the bot and the bot-users in the hands of our clients.

We will design the consultation pack as per your bot requirements.

Enterprise Pack

Have special requirements? We provide enterprise pack for any extra requiremet. It can be anything like:

  • Consultation
  • Internal API access
  • Custom Analytics
  • Custom Growth Widgets
  • Volume discounts
  • Customisable Data Retention
  • Integration request

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the limits of Free Trial?
It's a free trial with 1k messages/30 days (whatever ends earlier). There are no limits on any features.
What is Standard Support?
We provide on chat support. First response SLA is 24 hrs. Support Working hours are 10 AM to 5 PM (IST), Monday to Friday. Support will also be closed on any holiday.
What is an Agent seat?
An agent is a person who can login and chat manually with your bot users and access the platform to collaborate and make changes in your bot.
What is a Message?
A message is any incoming or outgoing interaction that happens between a user and your bot.
All Features
BuildConversationA intuitive conversational UI to create your bot conversation✔︎
Basic ModulesAll the basic modules to take actions like send and receive message, delay, typing indicators etc.✔︎
API IntegrationMake any API call or to integrate any API✔︎
Email ModuleTo send any personalised email to admin or users✔︎
Custom CodeImplenment your own business logic by writing code in Python or Java to extent the bot✔︎
ZapierEasy integration with zapier to use third party services/apps✔︎
SubscriptionIntegrate with your blog, youtube channel and send any new content to your bot audience automatically✔︎
PollConduct poll on bot with real time response results✔︎
Audience ListView and filter your bot audience. View and update user profile. Add any custom data to user profile.✔︎
SegmentationCreate and store user segments based using user demographics and bot interactions✔︎
ExportExport all your users and their profile in a excel✔︎
AnnounceNotification / BroadcastSend personalised notification to your bot audience✔︎
SchedulingSchedule a automatic notification for any time✔︎
SegmentationSend notification to a particular segment✔︎
DraftCreate content draft and use them again and again✔︎
User TimezoneSend notification based on user's timezone✔︎
ConverseWaitingChat with all the users which bot is unable to understand in real time. Multiple agents can sit simultaneously and share the load✔︎
LiveView all the users which are currently chatting with bot✔︎
HybridAutomatic transfer any user to waiting which bot is unable to understand✔︎
GrowthButtonA send to messenger button to take your website audience to bot✔︎
Ads JsonTo create custom message for facebook messenger ads✔︎
AnalyticsOverviewGet overview of how the bot is performing✔︎
UserDetailed analytics about your users like gender, language, location etc✔︎
SubscriptionAnalytics related to how your content is performing like open rate, click rate, best time to publish etc✔︎
PollPoll result analytics✔︎
ConversationDetailed analytics about your users like gender, language, location etc✔︎
ReportsGet regular reports in your email inbox✔︎
ExportExport any analytics dasboard as PDF✔︎
Messaging ChannelFacebookTo run bot on facebook messenger. Configuration supported: Persistent Menu, Getting Started Button, Greeting Text✔︎
WebTo include bot on your website. Configuration supported: Persistent Menu, Getting Started Button, Greeting Text, Theme✔︎
AndroidTo include bot in your Android app. Configuration supported: Persistent Menu, Getting Started Button, Greeting Text, Theme✔︎
iOSTo include bot in your iOS app. Configuration supported: Persistent Menu, Getting Started Button, Greeting Text, Theme✔︎
SupportChatUse our real time direct chat support for any queries✔︎
Issue ManagementEasy and effective management of all the issue you have reported✔︎
SLAWe promise max SLA on any of your support message24 hours
ExtraData RetentionAll the messages and conversation data is reatained for a fixed time period3 months