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A powerful product with powerful features

  • Conversation

    Conversation is the core entity which defines chat flow. It directly maps to different conversations you user can do on chat. They help you organise your complete chatbot logic in meanigful components.

  • Properties

    Properties are like custom fields. Properties help you store all the data assiciated with any user. support properties of type: Text, Number, Decimal, Date/Time, Phone Number, Email, Boolean, Location, Complex Objects.

  • Branching

    Personalize your bot flow with different branches for different users. Branching helps you take decision based on user input. You can branch a conversation using any property. With branching you can make conversations as personalized as you want.

  • Modular Blocks

    A conversation consists of different blocks. Each block can perform one action like send message, set property, sync to CRM etc.

  • Send Message/ User Input

    Send Message Block helps you compose message of different types - Text, Button, Gallery, List, Location, QUick Reply / Suggestions etc. You can use any property while composing a message to make it more personalised. It also lets you take user inputadn validate them. This is a very powerfule block with some advance features like User Typing Control, Skip Question, Customized Help/Error Message, Max Tries etc.

  • Delay/Typing

    Allows you to put delay in between message and also send typing indicator.

  • Set Property

    Allows you to property values. It supports comples mathical operations and data expressions.

  • Rest API

    Allows you to make Rest API calls.

  • Email/SMS

    Allows you to send email or sms to leads or sales / marketing team.

  • Sync CRM

    With this you cna have real time integration with your CRM.

  • Assign to Human

    Allows you to pass any user / lead to you support / sales agents. The bot will stop for these users.

  • A/B Testing

    Allows you conduct AB test. You can choose any strategy - Round Robin or Better First. Also shows you report based on define goal.

  • Templates

    Allows you to reuse messages and conversations.

  • Custom Code

    If there is something you still can't do then you can write a small piece of code. Custom Code block supports both Java & Python.

  • Starting Rules

    Strating Rule helps you define rules for conversation matching. You can define Exact Match, Partially Match, Regex & AI based rules

  • AI Rules

    You can use inbuilt AI to define AI based starting rules. With this you can simply define related sentences/queries and leave everything else to AI.

  • Context Memory bots stores intelligent context and runs conversations based on this context. This really helps provide ideal customer chat experience.

  • Facebook

    Deploy bot on Facebook Messenger.

  • Website

    Deploy bot on Website. You can use any messenger - Livechat, Facebook Messenger Web Plugin, Hybrid Chat.

  • Broadcast

    Send instant facebook messenger notifications to your audience. Define segments based on user behavior and target them.

  • Scheduling

    Send notifications right away or schedule them for future or based on customer timezone for btter deliverability.

  • Rules/Sequences

    Nurture your leads automatically with predefined rules. Enroll users based on their behavior and un-enroll them based on goal achieved.

  • 24-hr limit

    Support to intelligently handle Facebook's messaging limits.

  • Email/SMS Follow Up

    Apart from sending facebook notifications you can also send SMS or Email to users / leads.

  • Advance Filtering support advance filtering to drill down to any user segment you want. You can filter your audience on any properties. We also supports advance filtering options like Date Interval, Similar Match, Fuzzy Searches, Spelling Mistakes, Wildcard Queries and OR condition

  • Saved Filters

    You can save a set of filters as segments and then use them anywhere in the platform. Also support Static Segments

  • Bot Activities Audit

    Activities helps you analyze everything chatbot does behind the scenes to automate your chat with any user. use this to analyze how bot is behaving with different users. With this you will never be confused why bot sent a particular message to user.

  • Export

    Export any segment to CSV/Excel.

  • Import

    Import you existing audience to CRM easily. Use this to collect sales team feedback and re-nurture your leads.

  • Custom Views

    Create multiple standard views for your team to work on.

  • Scheduled Export

    Schedule a epriodic export for better and easy monitoring.

  • Bulk Actions

    Take bulk actions on any lead to save time.

  • In Place

    In plance analytics shows all the relevant metrices in place when you are building your bot.

  • Visualizations

    Rich visualtions to analyze bot and collect insights.

  • Time Filtering

    Filter your metrices of any time rage to compare improvements

  • Custom Widget

    Request any kind of custom visualisation for your analytics dashboard

  • Fake Leads Detector

    Detects fake contact information (email, phone number) automatically to filter noise and to increase ROI

  • Skippable Question

    Allow powerfule options to skip any question to increase form conversion rates.

  • Multi Campaigns

    Campaigns lets you build and organise multiple campaigns on single bot. You can get started with any pre built campaigns like Lead Generation, Insurance, Appointment, Credit Card, Loans etc.

  • Topic Subscription

    Increase engagement by subscribing your audience on different topics and then send them regular news.

  • Content Integrations

    Auto send news from different sources like RSS, Youtube etc.

  • Link Referral

    Bring leads to your messager using contextual links to provide custimsed experience.

  • Ads Integration

    Integrate facebook ads with your messenger bots

  • Offline QR Scan

    Acquire offline leads using Messenger Code for scanning

  • Comment To Bot

    Onboard leads from you post comments. Use this to leverage your post engagements

  • Web Chat Plugin

    Use Facebook Messenger Livechat plugin on your website

  • Hybrid Chat Plugin

    Use chat plugin to integrate live chat on your website. It also support multi-channel livechat.

  • Button Widget

    Provide CTAs for your Chatbot on your website using this. Use this for initiate chat with your website visitors

  • Checkbox

    Use it to subscribe your website visitors to your chat bot.

  • Overlay Widgets

    Create Bar, Slide In, Modal, Page Takeover widgets to capture website visitors.

  • Landing Page

    Create landing pages for chat marketing

  • FAQ Intelligent

    FAQ matching with support for customizes FAQ experience

  • Converse

    Dashbaord for your Support agents to handle any queries assigned to human support.

  • Agent Persona

    Provide more personalised experience with showing agent details to your users.

  • CRM

    Integrate with any CRM - Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zoho and many more.

  • Zapier

    Use Zapiers app to connect to any other tool/service using Zapier.

  • API

    Use's API to do more deeper integrations

  • Team

    Collaborate using mulitple logins

  • GDPR

    Support to make create GDPR compliant chatbots

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