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The Basics

What is WhatsApp Business?

  • Just like we communicate with our friends and family on WhatsApp, Businesses can now communicate with their users on WhatsApp using WhatsApp Business.
  • This enables businesses to have their presence on the world’s most popular messaging app with more than 2 billion active users
  • Businesses can send updates, provide customer support, and onboard new customers straight from WhatsApp.
  • This enables users to interact with your business without visiting your website or downloading a special app.

How to get started?

  • There are two different kinds of WhatsApp Business Accounts based on the size and needs of a business:
  • 1. WhatsApp Business App: Targeted at small businesses, this is a quick way to get started with. You just need to install the WhatsApp Business App and get a new sim card.
  • 2. WhatsApp Business APIs: Targeted at medium to large-sized businesses, this offers features like template based push notifications, advanced automation at scale and deep integration with your business.
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How to get Official WhatsApp Business APIs

Getting access to WhatsApp Business APIs

  • WhatsApp platform makes it easy for you to Apply and Activate, Manage and Automate your WhatsApp Business account
  • Sign-up and follow the WhatsApp Business Account setup steps to create your WhatsApp Business account and choose a plan according to your needs.

Test and understand WhatsApp before Paying

  • Try and build your own WhatsApp Business chatbot on our free Sandbox WhatsApp number.
  • Sign-up and follow the steps to Explore Platform & Start Building
  • Build automated flows with our flow builder and test on WhatsApp
  • Start setup of your own WhatsApp Business account whenever you are ready.

One plan to get started on WhatsApp

Play around with and build your bot on our free WhatsApp Sandbox before you pay.

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Monthly Active Users (MAU)
Monthly Session messages
30 min WhatsApp Bot Training session
Ticket based support
One-time Activation Fee

WhatsApp bots for your business

Do Automated and Manual interactions with your users on WhatsApp

Facebook and Website bots

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