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Take your business to 3 billion+ messaging users

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Why chatbots?

Provide your products and services over chat

3 billion users are waiting for your chatbot. Tap those customers and let them enjoy your product everywhere.

Automate Customer Support, Save money

Automate your FAQs and Forms. Chatbots can talk to your customers about their queries intelligently

Sell products without relying on app downloads

Apps are hard to find, understand and maintain. Give a convenient access to your business through messaging.

Retain customers through personal engagement

Send targeted messages to your customers to give them a customised and personalised experience.

Chatbot in three easy steps


Easily build your awesome bot within a few clicks. Power it up with your own code if you wish.


Reach out to your users over Messengers, Website and In-app chat Support etc.


Teach and evolve your bot to make it better. Train it on the go or periodically.

Powerful modules for full control


Let human agents take over when bot is confused.
Live-training for bots as humans talk.
Manage incoming traffic with multiple agents.

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Create engaging messages, target them to the right audience and schedule them for the perfect time.
Send notifications, newsletters, advertisements, announcements to your bot users and engage with them personally.

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Dive deep into the data through powerful and beautiful analytics. Analyse what’s happening with your bot and users and adapt to their needs.

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A chatbot for every business

Customer Support

Automate your customer support using an AI powered SuperAgent. Instant response for customers while you save money.


Sales / E-Commerce

Help your users browse through your products in the most convenient way. They ask what they want and your bot finds them exactly the thing.

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Ads / Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is old-school and easily ignored. Send them relevant content on Facebook Messenger and see engagement like never before.

Lead Generation

Don’t let your users go away after filling the notorious ‘Contact-Us’ form. Chat with them right away and make them stick with you.

Bots for Developers

We have baked the base for you! Choose your toppings and your sauce.
Connect with our webhook and write your logic with power of Morph.ai

We make it for You

Tell us what you want and let the experts do the job.

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