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A new way to do personalized marketing at scale with chat.

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Connect your marketing campaigns with Morph.ai and improve performance, quality and rechability of leads.

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Why Chat Marketing?

MARK - The Chat Marketing assistant

Image showing capabilities of MARK, the chat marketing assistant, like 24x7 availibility, personalisation, targeting and time optimisations.

What is MARK?

  • Unlike other channels, chat has the capability to make marketing as personalized as one-to-one sales, hence creating a higher chance of getting customer attention. But doing this at scale is not humanly possible.
  • We created MARK to personalize marketing for individual prospects to suit their comfort of time availability, content preference, frequency and more at scale.

What can a marketing chatbot do?

Lead Generation chatbot of Estee Lauder to collect information from users and giving them offers. Also displays Conversation module to design a bot dialog.

Lead Generation on Chat

  • Say goodbye to contact us forms
  • Double your conversions from marketing campaigns by routing your ad traffic to a chatbot
  • Your chatbot reaches out to your potential customers in realtime and qualifies them automatically with regular followups to give you high quality leads.
Image showing Content Marketing chatbot of Mancity football club which rolls out regular updates to its fans using Rich Announce message composer.

Content Marketing on Chat

  • Segment and target your audience and send them engaging personalised content
  • Nurture your bot users by sending them regular content and convert them into leads
  • Manage various messaging subscriptions and news letters and automatically send content from your blog, youtube channel and other content platforms
Image showing Morph.ai dashboard Screens of Analytics and Converse

A powerful and complete solution

  • Create and customise beautiful messages from our Rich Message Composer
  • Dig deep into your bot performance with our detailed insights and Analytics
  • Chat with your Customers directly in Converse
  • Browse through all your leads and segment them with our rich filter options in Audience
  • Deploy your chatbot to our ever growing list of supported channels including facebook messenger and your website

Skyrocket your conversions today

Still not sure how chatbot works?

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